CMS Evolution

Watching an interesting talk on the various CMSes in use in the industry. The information on website spend vs. advertising spend is both surprising and revealing.

DrupalCon Nashville 2018: WordPress vs Drupal: How the website industry is evolving.

A Storyblog for You and Your Loved Ones, IndieWeb Style

A Storyblog for you and your loved ones, IndieWeb style! A really good video, and an important one at that by Brianna Privett over at Brianna Privett: The Story of Your Life: Using WordPress as Your Memory Warehouse. You can also watch the hosted video over at VideoPress by clicking here. Highly recommend watching the video, lots of good takeaways about owning your content, keeping a storehouse of your memories for life and also delegating the responsibility for after, having a central repository of all your content and memories IndieWeb style, syndicating your content to social media and commercial silos, etc. [Read More]

WordPress Hack Fail

Just one of those days when you have to call it quits.

Spent a good deal of time today trying to hack WordPress for some added customization.

And then coming to the realization I’m no coder and calling it quits.

Then again, it will come to me in a flash and everything will seem so easy.

But I’m done for now.

Photographs from WordPress to Micro.Blog

Posting photographs to Micro.Blog from self-hosted WordPress blog. I was having some trouble in having my photographs from my WordPress blogs show up on my Micro.Blog timeline, so putting this out here in case it might help/come in handy for someone with similar issues. For starters, if your microblog post has a title then only that will be posted on Micro.Blog with a link back to your blog. Only content without a title like the body content or a photograph will be posted on Micro. [Read More]