The Punisher Season 1 Is a Wrap

The Punisher Season 1 conclusion. Took a couple of days to wrap up season 1 of The Punisher. It’s a good series, high on the entertainment quotient, and suitably rewarding and satisfying in terms of the conclusion. Ben Barnes really comes into his own in the latter part of the series, though one does wish his story arc had more meat, especially the background/origins story. Despite these limitations, Ben Barnes does an excellent job portraying Billy Russo. [Read More]

The Punisher Season 1 Review

The Punisher came out late last year, but I had decided to give it the miss because I was in the midst of superhero fatigue, and consequently had missed out on quite a few of the biggies like Thor: Ragnarok andĀ Justice League. Jon BernthalĀ is The Punisher and makes the role quite his own. His intensity and pain is palpable, and he’s completely at home playing the brooding hero, and also extremely nimble and effective in the action sequences. [Read More]