Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris, More Serious But Fun Nonetheless

The final in the Gamera trilogy starts on a more serious note, with a mass grave of dead Gameras and showcasing the life of a young girl who has been made an orphan because of the destruction caused by Gamera in the battle with the Legion. There is a lot more fire and destruction this time around, even from the first fight between Gamera and Gayos. This results in the death of a great many people and predictably the government declares Gamera enemy number one with orders to destroy it. [Read More]

Gamera 2: Attack Of The Legion, More Fun

Gamera returns, and so does the fun.

Meteors crash on earth and along with them come the Legion, an alien life form, insect/bug like creatures that will destroy all life on earth.

Gamera to the rescue with some help from the army. Ayako Fujitani who has a special bond with Gamera returns, though only in a cameo.

Another good Kaiju flick.