Leaving Netflix, Really?

Makes for interesting reading Marty… though I’d (personally) wonder deep and very hard how and why anyone would want to leave Netflix, the year of Altered Carbon, a series I have definitely loved to the moon and back. But for anyone wanting to leave Netflix, and even more interested in grabbing your historical data from there, a visit to the link below should be in order. Leaving Netflix (and taking my data with me). [Read More]

Narcos Season 2 Review

Narcos season 2, I binge-watched this one late into the night and then completed the remaining episodes without a break the very next day. Yes, it’s really that good, and in fact even better than season 1. Wagner Moura as Pablo Escobar is one of the best performances ever, he’s menacing, both destructive and self-destructive, helpless, and yet always in control. One of the most complex characters ever pulled off with aplomb by Wagner Moura. [Read More]

Narcos Season 2 off to a Blast

Narcos season 2 is off to a blast. I’ve been putting off season 2 for a while now, and now into the 2nd episode my thoughts are why did I wait so long to watch it?

Wagner Moura is sheer brilliance as Pablo Escobar, and ably supported by Boyd Holbrook and Pedro Pascal.

Probably going to binge watch this one, it’s looking really good.

Altered Carbon Season 1 Review

Altered Carbon is super awesome and a must watch. Netflix is really taking things up a notch, especially with its original programming. Binge watched the entire show, and to be honest loved pretty much everything about it. The visuals are stunning and best enjoyed on a large screen immersive OLED, or a PJ. While I will not go to the extent that it’s a modern-day classic or an all-time great, it is certainly very much on my must-watch list. [Read More]

Jessica Jones Season 2 Trailer

Jessica Jones is returning. The trailer for season 2 of Jessica Jones is out and looks good too. Yes, I am having superhero fatigue, especially on the big screen, but that still did not stop me from watching the latest Black Panther and also enjoying it immensely. Along with Daredevil, Jessica Jones has been one of the better superheroes on the television. That reminds I have to still catch up on The Punisher, hopefully, a long binge-watching weekend is coming up soon. [Read More]