What Is A Microblog?

A microblog is a shorter variant of a regular blog, in other words, the content posted will not be the length of a regular blog post, but short and to the point. Twitter is the best example of a microblog, with tweets ranging from a few short characters to a maximum of 280 characters. Sometimes (or most of the times) the content can be a link to another website, a photograph, video, or simply clicking on the like button. [Read More]

100 Microblog Posts

I just noticed that I crossed 100 posts on this blog, I have been blogging (more microblogging) every day since I started in the month of January 2018. Everybody struggles with creating and posting content, especially blog content, but now it has all been made much easier with microblogging, in simpler words simply posting status updates and photographs as well as location shares for the most part. It is a form of blogging, only micro in nature, hence the term microblogging. [Read More]