Microblog, No Titles

The plan was to binge-watch Season 7 of Scandal and I did that for a couple of episodes until something more important came up.

More important? Yup, like cleaning up my microblog.

Spent a couple of hours removing all the titles, setting up redirection to the new URLs, and porting the long form content to a new blog.

This now is strictly a microblog without any titles.

A New Home for My Microblog

I finally moved my blog/microblog/photoblog and everything that goes along with it like daily musings, status updates, etc. to the new domain at Abraham.Uno. Thank God for cloning software! Everything done in under 5 minutes. Now to delete the old profile/blog from Micro.Blog. That should pretty much set things up as I haven’t been syndicating my content and don’t intend to. Now to set up an actual photoblog/gallery style website that I can blog photographs directly from my iPhone. [Read More]

A New Design for My Microblog

I am not much of a coder or a design geek. However, the good thing is I did go with WordPress for my choice of CMS. WordPress gives you a lot of options and flexibility even in terms of design choice, and 100% free because there are a plethora of free themes available. However, as everyone knows “there is no such thing as a free lunch”. Anyways, from the very beginning, I was always a premium theme user. [Read More]

A Home for My Microblog

Yes, I’m still looking for a home for my microblog. From what I see, most folks have been hosting their microblogs on the micro.blog service with or without the use of a custom domain. Many others have been using a “micro” subdomain on their main website or blog. Because of my penchant for keeping things clean and separate, I was always sold on the idea of a separate domain name. With that in mind, I registered UnoAbraham. [Read More]