Micro.Blog Growth

Ha ha, I cannot see myself on Micro.Blog.

And by that, I mean my latest posts, status updates, etc.

Not on the Timeline, not on Discover.

I am guessing that means it is good to see a lot more people on Micro.Blog, wishing it even more success.

Photographs from WordPress to Micro.Blog

Posting photographs to Micro.Blog from self-hosted WordPress blog. I was having some trouble in having my photographs from my WordPress blogs show up on my Micro.Blog timeline, so putting this out here in case it might help/come in handy for someone with similar issues. For starters, if your microblog post has a title then only that will be posted on Micro.Blog with a link back to your blog. Only content without a title like the body content or a photograph will be posted on Micro. [Read More]

Micro Monday Recommendation for Eddie Hinkle

My Micro Monday recommendation is for Eddie Hinkle. You can find his Micro.Blog at @eddiehinkle and his regular blog over at Eddie Hinkle. The recommendation is for a lot of random stuff on his website that is both insightful and thoughtful. Also, IndieWeb related tips and tutorials on status updates, porting data from social media to his personal website, and customizing the website and homepage that has specifically given me a ton of ideas to work on. [Read More]

Micro Monday Recommendation for Chris Aldrich

Micro Monday recommendation for this week is Chris Aldrich. I would probably describe Chris as a geek’s geek (as in he would out-geek most regular geeks). Just taking a look at his website and all the linking and interlinking it has ongoing with Web 2.0 and social media makes me want to tip my virtual hat to him. Now I’m no stranger to syndicating content across the Internet, having used services like Ping. [Read More]

Micro Monday Recommendation for But She's a Girl

My weekly recommendation of Micro Monday for Micro.Blog goes to But She’s A Girl.

I don’t remember how I ran into her website, but pretty certain it comes down to either a recommendation over at Micro.Blog or someone sharing the website URL over at the IndieWeb Slack chatroom.

The content is insightful and also geeky, but extremely informative with step-by-step pictorials when needed.

You can find her Micro.Blog at @bsag and her regular blog over at But She’s A Girl…

Micro Monday Recommendation for Manton Reece

Micro Monday recommendation for Manton Reece for the wonderful community he has created/made possible at Micro.Blog Also, kudos for the stellar support and help he offers in the running of Micro.Blog. Yes, it’s his baby, but for the most part (and time) Manton goes out of his way to help people and fix things. Amazingly, he is pretty much 24 x 7 active (at least IMHO) either at Micro.Blog or the Slack Group for Micro. [Read More]

Micro Monday Recommendation for Amit Gawande

Micro Monday recommendation for Amit Gawande who microblogs at @amit. You can find his regular blog over at Amit Gawande. I actually ran into Amit’s blog even before he started microblogging. I was checking out other CMS to use in place of WordPress for a couple of new projects, and got introduced to his website via his review of Hugo. Also, his minimalistic design caught my fancy, and the excellent website optics like the non-existent load times were extremely impressive. [Read More]

Micro Monday Recommendation for Scott McNulty

My recommendation for Micro Monday this time around is Scott McNulty aka @blankbaby on the Internet. His microblog and profile can be found at @blankbaby. Let me start with the obvious for my recommendation, Scott is funny. Just reading his one-liner intros for his various web properties will have you cracking up or at the very least chuckling. Here is a guy who can laugh at himself. And we all need that every day, something that will make you smile and laugh (even if it’s only internal). [Read More]