Deep Calls Deep

Deep calleth unto deep – Psalm 42:7 Going deeper is the only way to get more understanding. Most folks struggling are also looking for answers but in the wrong place. You won’t find them in this plane of existence. You will discover the answers only in a deeper realm, something I have been learning myself over the past year. Emphasis mine, “listen to your gut” is a thing, and something worth digging deep into. [Read More]

In the Absence of Good

I recently had a talk with a friend who told me who else is there? That got me thinking… Do we start eating stinking and rotten food because there is no good food? Do we marry and settle down with an alcoholic and wifebeater because there are no more good men? Do we marry a nag, a shrew, and a husband-beater because there are no more good women? Do we start voting for a racist Islamophobic hatemonger because there are no more good politicians? [Read More]

A Nothing Day

Wow, an entire day spent doing nothing.

Pure bliss!!!

Pretty Girl's Fault

Do all girls/women always find a way to blame the pretty girl for everything that is going wrong?

Or is that only my wife?

Life Sucks?

Nothing is fair. I keep coming across people who keep complaining that life isn’t fair. Life sucks. Come to think of it, nothing is fair. Life isn’t fair, people aren’t fair, and governments very certainly aren’t fair. Maybe the sooner you realize this, the better off you will be. Life wasn’t created to be fair, it was created to be enjoyed. Live a little, love a little, in short, get a life. [Read More]

When in Confusion

When in confusion. It must have something to do with the primitive aspect of the human brain – the part that focuses on security and needs, but an interesting observation is when in confusion and overwhelm, the decision-making retreats to what’s safe and secure, and a known environment. Thanks to ICANN opening up all manner of domain extensions, the availability of choice can actually put one into a state of limbo and indecision. [Read More]

See Yourself the Way God Sees You

Looking back, and considering the value proposition a.k.a. the value standard one sets for themselves is how they will be perceived later on. In other words, work like a dog, and don’t be surprised when you are treated like a dog. The takeaway here is you set your own standard. Not so much in words, or even in “branding”. You set your standard by your actions (for the most part). If you want to be valued down the line, then start paying attention to your actions in the now. [Read More]