Mastodon Autotranslation

Anyway, we can have auto translation on for Mastodon?

Twitter has it on autopilot on Chrome, and I’m using Mastodon on Chrome.

But still living with foreign languages when it comes to Mastodon.

WordPress to Mastodon, a New Toot with Every New Post

WordPress¬†to Mastodon, a new toot with every new post. I signed up for Mastodon a while back, but never really got around to using it. Not a very social animal, have never tweeted much, so consistently tooting on Mastodon was going to be a difficult ask from the very outset. Thanks to Micro.Blog I have been getting back to consistently blogging, even if it’s only status post updates. While it has been easy to syndicate my blog content to Facebook and Twitter, Mastodon has been the elusive unicorn, probably owing to its limited reach and adoption. [Read More]