Culling Domains

I have a thing for domains, been collecting them over the years. I had over 80 of them at the beginning of this year in January. I also have a thing for name domains, especially the “Abraham” part of my name. I have been collecting Abraham.XXX TLDs too for a while now, and had over 20 of them. The grand plan was to have a separate identity/blog pertaining to each area of my life - like travel, photography, business, portfolio, blog, social, microblog, etc. [Read More]

What Is A Microblog?

A microblog is a shorter variant of a regular blog, in other words, the content posted will not be the length of a regular blog post, but short and to the point. Twitter is the best example of a microblog, with tweets ranging from a few short characters to a maximum of 280 characters. Sometimes (or most of the times) the content can be a link to another website, a photograph, video, or simply clicking on the like button. [Read More]

Microblog, No Titles

The plan was to binge-watch Season 7 of Scandal and I did that for a couple of episodes until something more important came up.

More important? Yup, like cleaning up my microblog.

Spent a couple of hours removing all the titles, setting up redirection to the new URLs, and porting the long form content to a new blog.

This now is strictly a microblog without any titles.

Bridgy Test

Testing out the Bridgy for WordPress plug-in and backfeed functionality.