Facebook Verso

Everybody has been going ga-ga over Facebook deprecating its API for publishing. This has been a result of the fallout of the Facebook–Cambridge Analytica data scandal and was to be expected. I’m done with syndication. Let’s help people be themselves on the web. However, nobody seems to be asking the question… Shouldn’t Facebook be limiting apps access to user’s personal data? But instead, they are actually limiting apps from publishing to Facebook. [Read More]

Delete Facebook

It does look like a lot of folks are really leaving Facebook. And I don’t just mean the tweets with #DeleteFacebook. Seeing a lot of folks on both the Local timeline as well as the Federated timeline with the same stated reason of having deleted Facebook and moved on. I for one thought it was just another “breaking news” that people will forget and move on. More importantly, Facebook has no alternatives, and not for a while probably. [Read More]

Facebook Group Join Fail

When you click to join a Facebook group

And realize that you have set your Facebook account to deactivated.

Duh and facepalm…

At least good sense prevails fast enough and you know you don’t want to reactivate your Facebook account, not even to be a part of an exclusive group.

Deactivated My Facebook Account

A follow-up to my yesterday’s post about a social media sabbatical. Maybe it was a decision taken in haste, or maybe it was a long time coming, or maybe it is something I have been putting off doing for a long time… like ripping off the Band-Aid. Whatever the reasons behind it, I ended up deactivating my Facebook account. Twitter doesn’t have the same option, it’s all or nothing so it’s alive for the moment. [Read More]