Culling Domains

I have a thing for domains, been collecting them over the years. I had over 80 of them at the beginning of this year in January. I also have a thing for name domains, especially the “Abraham” part of my name. I have been collecting Abraham.XXX TLDs too for a while now, and had over 20 of them. The grand plan was to have a separate identity/blog pertaining to each area of my life - like travel, photography, business, portfolio, blog, social, microblog, etc. [Read More]

Selling My Name Domains

Letting go of my 3rd namesake domain.

Now I no longer hold the .com, .net, or .org.

Hopefully, not something I will regret down the line.

A New Home for My Microblog

I finally moved my blog/microblog/photoblog and everything that goes along with it like daily musings, status updates, etc. to the new domain at Abraham.Uno. Thank God for cloning software! Everything done in under 5 minutes. Now to delete the old profile/blog from Micro.Blog. That should pretty much set things up as I haven’t been syndicating my content and don’t intend to. Now to set up an actual photoblog/gallery style website that I can blog photographs directly from my iPhone. [Read More]

A Home for My Microblog

Yes, I’m still looking for a home for my microblog. From what I see, most folks have been hosting their microblogs on the service with or without the use of a custom domain. Many others have been using a “micro” subdomain on their main website or blog. Because of my penchant for keeping things clean and separate, I was always sold on the idea of a separate domain name. With that in mind, I registered UnoAbraham. [Read More]

Rethinking Your Name

Actually mine too. I recently came across a blog that gave me the good idea of rethinking my name for domains. Thanks to Mayo Jordanov (@oyam from Micro.Blog), now Maharba (Abraham in reverse) is a domain name possibility that I have never thought of. But (and expectedly), is a premium domain and with an asking price of around $2500. It seems I’m not the only one with a grand idea of reverse names for domains. [Read More]

Domain Name Apocalypse

So the plan was to get a .blog domain name for a new blog idea that isn’t fitting in line with any of my existing blogs and topics. An exercise in futility, and one that makes me wonder why do folks want to buy up all name domains? Cannot get an Abraham name domain that is meaningful, brandable, and short. Abraham.Blog though available is priced at $700 yearly renewal price. Not surprising it is available and expensive, otherwise it would have been snapped up and long gone. [Read More]

Deciding on What Gets Picked

What next? Who gets to decide? It’s that time of the year again when I have to renew a bunch of domains. Looking over them I realize I need to make some hard decisions because not all of them “businesses” are going to get done. There are some topics and niches in there that I still feel strongly about, but I also need to unostentatiously come to terms with the fact that I am never going to get around to actually doing anything about them. [Read More]