Designated Survivor Season 2/Series Wrap Up

I have been somewhat of a reluctant watcher of Designated Survivor, and only because I’m a huge fan of Kiefer Sutherland and the Jack Bauer persona from 24. But I will be honest, Designated Survivor never clicked with me, not even from the first episode of the series, which was lackluster IMHO. And this despite having several recognizable names like Adan Canto, Kal Penn, Maggie Q, and Natascha McElhone as regular/supporting cast members. [Read More]

Designated Survivor Season 2 Update

Caught up with all the episodes of Designated Survivor season 2, all up-to-date. The show itself seems to hold my interest, I’m surprised too. Over the past few months, I kind of got bored of binge-watching Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, etc. and unfollowed a bunch of TV shows. It must be Kiefer Sutherland, cannot think of any other reason why. Now waiting for the show to return, especially after the way they left things over the mid-season finale. [Read More]

Designated Survivor Season 2, Playing Catch up

The plan is to start Season 2 of Designated Survivor today. I caught up on Season 1 of Designated Survivor a while back, enjoyable to some extent, just nowhere near as much fun as 24. 24 was iconic, especially the character of Jack Bauer. I binge watched the entire 8 seasons continuously and enjoyed every bit of it. Wish it had gone on for a few more seasons, I’ve even met folks who could go on watching Jack Bauer killing terrorists for 50 seasons. [Read More]