Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris, More Serious But Fun Nonetheless

The final in the Gamera trilogy starts on a more serious note, with a mass grave of dead Gameras and showcasing the life of a young girl who has been made an orphan because of the destruction caused by Gamera in the battle with the Legion. There is a lot more fire and destruction this time around, even from the first fight between Gamera and Gayos. This results in the death of a great many people and predictably the government declares Gamera enemy number one with orders to destroy it. [Read More]

Gamera 2: Attack Of The Legion, More Fun

Gamera returns, and so does the fun.

Meteors crash on earth and along with them come the Legion, an alien life form, insect/bug like creatures that will destroy all life on earth.

Gamera to the rescue with some help from the army. Ayako Fujitani who has a special bond with Gamera returns, though only in a cameo.

Another good Kaiju flick.

Gamera: Guardian Of The Universe Is Super Fun

Super fun. Gyaos, giant pre-historic reptilian man eating birds. Gamera, a giant tutrle that flies. Gyaos wants to destroy the world, Gamera wants to protect us, and fight Gyaos. Dumb humans attack Gamera. What more can one ask for? Yup, suspension of belief is needed when dealing with Kaiju. But lots of goofy fun to be had while you are at it. If you think Godzilla is cool and fun then check out Gamera. [Read More]