Music Listening Session For a Couple of Hours

A wonderful couple of hours spent listening to music and lost in the past… Thanks to @hisaac I had a wonderful couple of hours listening to some wonderful music from the past, primarily Neil Young and Mark Morrison. Now all of this makes me want to untangle the Amazon Echo devices and go back to the simpler listening devices that I used in the past. The music was rich, high quality, and also high on quality because of the artists/musicians themselves. [Read More]

An Audiophile Who Doesn't Listen to Music

I’m an audiophile, at least I used to be one. For the longest of time, I would never have anything to do with lo-res music (truth be told I’m a videophile too with similar restrictions on video quality). All of my audio collection consists of audio CDs ripped into FLAC format, carefully tagged, and accessed from a NAS. Towards the latter part of my musical journey, I did gravitate towards HD music, but unfortunately, most of the mainstream artists aren’t yet there, and I’m just not esoteric enough to have developed a taste for Western classical music yet. [Read More]