Most folks talk about themselves and their past on their About page.

The Now page talks about what I’m doing now.

Last updated on June 30, 2018.


  • Taking it easy.
  • Spending time catching up on TV shows, primarily I need to finish season 2 of Luke Cage, the final season of Scandal, and the remaining seasons of Chuck.
  • Get better at photography. I have since started spending a lot of time watching tutorial videos on photography tips as well as playing with the lighting and focusing the most on composition and framing.
  • Move back to and setup Synology home NAS.
  • Learn GitHub.
  • Learn PHP.
  • Create a Genesis child theme.
  • Start a microcast.
  • IndieWeb Goals - Implement POSSE and backfeed, add online bookmarks functionality, add note-taking/private note-taking and read it later functionality, use Webmentions more effectively.
  • Catch up on some new TV shows. Started with Altered Carbon (loved it), and Chuck (really digging it). Also added Nikita, The Man In the High Castle, and The Office to the watchlist.
  • Learn something new or start a new project.
  • Start a travel blog.  Only bought a domain, actually bought quite a few, only I’m not sure on the name, so you can say it has moved on to the planning stage.
  • Do a roundup of all the local tea and coffee shops. Idea from Manton. Going to be starting this soon… hopefully.


  • Get back to listening to music, similar to what I was doing in the past, listening to an entire album before turning in for the night, and also listening to all albums in chronological order of an artist/group. Started, and chronicling everything on the Listening page.
  • Learn Hugo and deploy a test blog/website. Completed, multiple sites running on Hugo including this one and Abraham's Photoblog.
  • Learn Markdown. Completed, and must admit it’s very easy, and very much like WYSIWYG.
    • Learn Markdown. Going to put this on ice for a while now, had a play with Grav, and while it’s nice, it’s more work than I want to get into right now, and the CMS itself was a non-starter because of lack of IndieWeb integration. I will leave it here for now, as I may want to return to it in the foreseeable future. Status is completed, as stated above.
  • Start a linkblog. Up and running at Abraham’s Linkblog.
  • Learn Hugo, something that will add more options than WordPress, but I’m not entirely sold on the idea simply because WordPress makes it so easy to move hosts, backup, and deploy, all in a matter of minutes. Tried out Jekyll/GitHub Pages and Hugo/Netlify on a couple of domains I had lying around, but TBH I don’t see them replacing WordPress anytime soon. In particular, the lack of IndieWeb integration (or the need to become a developer to integrate IndieWeb) involves a lot more work than I am willing to get into right now.
  • IndieWebify my blog. Started working on the same on March 21, 2018. Set up a goal list that I plan to implement on a step-by-step basis.
  • Get a new domain/name for my daily blog. Done, site up and running at Abraham Abridged.
  • Get a new design (my thinking is leaning towards minimalism) for my blog/microblog at Abraham Abridged.
  • Start a photoblog. This is a work in progress but started some work at Abraham's Photoblog. The plan is to post regularly.
  • Get better at HTML and CSS.
  • Work on a personal portfolio website. Done for the most part, but also a work in progress,
  • Start (and continue to work on) Abraham.Life, sharing, and journalling my walk with God.
  • Start (and continue to work on) UnoAbraham, a microblog on which I will post daily.
    • This has since changed to Abraham Abridged, a blog/microblog/daily musings and everything else in between.
  • Dip my toes into the Apple ecosystem – get an iPhone, an iMac, and subscribe to Apple Music. Yes to iMac, no to Siri and HomePod. Alexa wins this battle.
  • Move all online properties to HTTPS.
  • Set up my own personal VPS on DigitalOcean.