The Night Manager TV Show Review

The Night Manager is an espionage drama based on a novel by John le Carré starring Tom Hiddleston and the wonderful Hugh Laurie.

Though it’s only a mini-series of 6 episodes, it manages to thoroughly entertain with excellent performances from an ensemble cast. Hugh Laurie, in particular, is excellent as a criminal mastermind without a conscience who makes his millions smuggling and selling illegal weapons. Tom Hiddleston plays a character that is a far departure from Loki, the night manager at a hotel who turns into an undercover spy to bring down Hugh Laurie and his criminal organization.

Apart from the performances cinematography is another asset to this series, the visuals are equally stunning and breathtaking, and all of the opulence on display will make you believe that crime pays.

The Night Manager is a wonderful watch and a welcome departure from the regular and mundane shows on TV. Worth watching and definitely recommended.