Photographs from WordPress to Micro.Blog

Posting photographs to Micro.Blog from self-hosted WordPress blog.

I was having some trouble in having my photographs from my WordPress blogs show up on my Micro.Blog timeline, so putting this out here in case it might help/come in handy for someone with similar issues.

  1. For starters, if your microblog post has a title then only that will be posted on Micro.Blog with a link back to your blog. Only content without a title like the body content or a photograph will be posted on Micro.Blog. Think of microblogging as posting to Twitter and Facebook, in other words, status updates without a title. Your content will be 2 to 4 lines, but not having the title.
  2. Enable hotlinking of images if you’re using a CDN service or a service like Cloudflare. In Cloudflare > Scrape Shield, make sure the Hotlink Protection is turned off.
  3. In WordPress Settings > Reading set the feed to Full Text.
  4. Upload the images to the WordPress Media folder, don’t use a third-party service like Google Photos, or a cloud service like Google Drive or Dropbox to host the photographs.