Micro Monday Recommendation for Chris Aldrich

Micro Monday recommendation for this week is Chris Aldrich.

I would probably describe Chris as a geek’s geek (as in he would out-geek most regular geeks).

Just taking a look at his website and all the linking and interlinking it has ongoing with Web 2.0 and social media makes me want to tip my virtual hat to him.

Now I’m no stranger to syndicating content across the Internet, having used services like Ping.FM and Hootsuite extensively in the past.

But Chris’ take on syndication is more minimalistic and hence all the more impressive, and in addition, counting Twitter and Mastodon as syndication copies is something I have very rarely come across.

That is however only one aspect of the website. Chris’ process of using his website for taking notes, bookmarks, as an online repository for his thoughts and drafts, etc. takes things to an entirely different level.

The blog is a treasure trove of information on building/designing a WordPress based website on the tenets of IndieWeb, and certainly something I plan to dig deeper into to try and incorporate into my own IndieWeb/Micro.Blog themed personal blog.

You can find his Micro.Blog over at @c and his regular blog over at Chris Aldrich.