Chuck Season 1 Review

Chuck Season 1, I loved it.

One of my Now goals was to start with a couple of new TV shows. However, the idea was to dip my toes into something different, less mystery/murder/mayhem, in other words, something that would be less taxing on my mind and my mood.

Chuck was on my to-do list for a long time, but something I never made time for. Now seemed like a good time, especially since I was in the mood for something light and frothy.

Taken for what it is, and going into it without too much expectation, Chuck will really surprise you.

It’s fun, keeps things tight, doesn’t meander off the course, but also achieves it goal in keeping you entertained.

Performances are uniformly good, Zachary Levi is fun, as is Joshua Gomez. Yvonne Strahovski is pulchritudinous (go learn a new word today), and Sarah Lancaster and Adam Baldwin round things off well.

Like I said, take it for what it is, and you’ll have a good time with Chuck.