IndieWebifying This Blog 2.0

As I am looking to re-implement IndieWeb on my blog and also make it more social by employing POSSE one thing I have come to realize is my blog can no longer operate/function as a traditional blog.

I don’t mean the content itself, I have been microblogging and posting content that is less than a typical blog post.

However, I need to accept and come to terms with the fact that not every single post going forward can be structured like a typical blog post.

For starters, the title needs to go.

Not something I wanted to do, and hence I have been posting content with a title and a content body, like a regular blog post.

However, social media like Facebook and Twitter accept content without a title. In fact, it’s the norm over there to post the content body (a.k.a. status update) without a title.

I need to be accepting and start sharing/posting content without a title, especially status updates, images, comments, shares, etc. kind of re-blogging/re-tweeting/re-posting and Webmentions.

PS: Change is hard. I’m a trained writer/trained copywriter, not to mention a Grammar Nazi… so all of my content creation to this point has been along those lines. Yup, change is hard indeed.