An Audiophile Who Doesn't Listen to Music

I’m an audiophile, at least I used to be one.

For the longest of time, I would never have anything to do with lo-res music (truth be told I’m a videophile too with similar restrictions on video quality). All of my audio collection consists of audio CDs ripped into FLAC format, carefully tagged, and accessed from a NAS. Towards the latter part of my musical journey, I did gravitate towards HD music, but unfortunately, most of the mainstream artists aren’t yet there, and I’m just not esoteric enough to have developed a taste for Western classical music yet.

Give me Prince any day.

But that brings me back to the realization, I am an audiophile who doesn’t listen to music anymore.

Well, at least not since Alexa came home.

Now it’s a random playlist or “Alexa play something” or a random radio station or American Top 40 on iHeartRadio.

Gone are the days of doing the entire album catalog or discography of Shakira or Creedence Clearwater Revival. No more hanging out with guitar greats like Stevie Ray Vaughan or Mark Knopfler.

Of course the ease of using voice commands and Alexa notwithstanding, it seems like too much effort to rummage through the CD collection and pop something into the CD player, or open the relevant app and scroll through the over 4000 albums ripped on my NAS just to find something to play.

It seems AI has taken over (and possibly broken) that joy too.

Yikes, I need to find a way back to my lossless audiophile grade music collection.