Altered Carbon Season 1 Review

Altered Carbon is super awesome and a must watch.

Netflix is really taking things up a notch, especially with its original programming.

Binge watched the entire show, and to be honest loved pretty much everything about it. The visuals are stunning and best enjoyed on a large screen immersive OLED, or a PJ.

While I will not go to the extent that it’s a modern-day classic or an all-time great, it is certainly very much on my must-watch list.

The visuals are out of this world, the action sequences are pretty rad, and performances overall are pretty good.

Special mention, the plot twists are just about perfect to keep you interested until the very end, but not overdone that you lose track and/or get tired of them.

All in all, a new serial that had me hooked and binge-watching till the very end… not easily done anymore!

Kudos to Netflix for pulling it off.