Micro Monday Recommendation for Manton Reece

Micro Monday recommendation for Manton Reece for the wonderful community he has created/made possible at Micro.Blog

Also, kudos for the stellar support and help he offers in the running of Micro.Blog. Yes, it’s his baby, but for the most part (and time) Manton goes out of his way to help people and fix things.

Amazingly, he is pretty much 24 x 7 active (at least IMHO) either at Micro.Blog or the Slack Group for Micro.Blog Indie Microblogging.

And to top it all he’s also a developer, podcaster, blogger, and coffee connoisseur who has given me the idea to do a roundup of all the coffee joints in town.

You can find his Micro.Blog at @manton and his regular blog at Manton.