Un-IndieWebifying This Blog

No, I’m not going anywhere.

And I’m certainly not giving up on the IndieWeb movement.

However, IndieWeb just doesn’t flat out work out of the box.

Folks pile a lot on WordPress, but the fact is it works right out of the box and is extremely easy to personalize/customize with the use of plug-ins and themes.

Despite trying a lot of themes and plug-ins, I couldn’t IndieWebify this blog.

Too many moving parts that require a little bit of coding knowledge that is beyond my abilities at this point in time.

For starters, I could never get microformats and h-card to work.

And I cannot get images to show up on my Micro.Blog. Tried everything from making gallery and image post formats with no titles to trying multiple photo and gallery plug-ins as well as themes, but nothing seems to work.

Kind of very silly when your photoblog images and galleries don’t syndicate and show up. Of course, there do exist workarounds like using a Tumblr blog to post to Micro.Blog, but that’s just one additional step and involving the use of a Tumblr blog that I don’t want to own and maintain.

With the goal being minimalism and simplicity, I decided to cull the extra effort (for now) and revisit the IndieWebification process at a later time.

PS: I do realize I continue to own my data and continue to self-host it, so for all intents and purposes, I am a part of the IndieWeb movement, just not using all the prescribed themes, plug-ins, and formats.