Micro Monday Recommendation for Amit Gawande

Micro Monday recommendation for Amit Gawande who microblogs at @amit. You can find his regular blog over at Amit Gawande.

I actually ran into Amit’s blog even before he started microblogging. I was checking out other CMS to use in place of WordPress for a couple of new projects, and got introduced to his website via his review of Hugo.

Also, his minimalistic design caught my fancy, and the excellent website optics like the non-existent load times were extremely impressive.

His microblog recommendation is for content on a variety of topics, being helpful/social, and extremely conversant with the other microbloggers over at Micro.Blog on various topics.

Amit, it is a pleasure meeting you (even if it’s only virtual right now), but after reading your posts and also interacting with you via comments, you are one person I would like to meet and hang out with over a couple of cold ones.