A New Design for My Microblog

I am not much of a coder or a design geek.

However, the good thing is I did go with WordPress for my choice of CMS.

WordPress gives you a lot of options and flexibility even in terms of design choice, and 100% free because there are a plethora of free themes available.

However, as everyone knows “there is no such thing as a free lunch”.

Anyways, from the very beginning, I was always a premium theme user. I started with the excellent Thesis theme from DIYthemes, before it got complicated and crazy.

Then I stumbled onto Eric Hamm and his crazy design chops with Impact Page Builder, Catalyst Theme, and now morphed into Cobalt Apps. In a way, they introduced me to the wonderful StudioPress and the Genesis Framework. And then life came a full circle with the excellent Dynamik Website Builder for Genesis.

Thanks to Dynamik Website Builder for Genesis, even I can consider myself a designer, albeit a rather limited one.

Anyways it gives me the chops and the confidence to design, and more importantly, knowing it will not break things, or if they do, it’s an easy fix.

As you will see, the design choice right now is minimalistic and limited to 3 colors (my favorite palette). I will make a copy of this and leave it be as “completed” as I can always return to it and use it right out of the box. But I am not done, I plan to tinker some more, but as a fork so I can always return to this point in design.