A Home for My Microblog

Yes, I’m still looking for a home for my microblog.

From what I see, most folks have been hosting their microblogs on the micro.blog service with or without the use of a custom domain.

Many others have been using a “micro” subdomain on their main website or blog.

Because of my penchant for keeping things clean and separate, I was always sold on the idea of a separate domain name.

With that in mind, I registered UnoAbraham.com, but haven’t fully warmed myself to that being the permanent home of my microblog. Unoabraham is the nick/username I use only because I cannot get Abraham most of the time, my obvious choice being Abraham.

I’m still undecided, and I’m guessing it’s going to be back to the drawing board on this one until I get hit by a bolt of illumination that settles it for me.