Designated Survivor Season 2, Playing Catch up

The plan is to start Season 2 of Designated Survivor today.

I caught up on Season 1 of Designated Survivor a while back, enjoyable to some extent, just nowhere near as much fun as 24.

24 was iconic, especially the character of Jack Bauer. I binge watched the entire 8 seasons continuously and enjoyed every bit of it. Wish it had gone on for a few more seasons, I’ve even met folks who could go on watching Jack Bauer killing terrorists for 50 seasons.

Designated Survivor is good, especially in comparison to the rest of the stuff on TV barring of course the in-house serials/original programming at the likes of Netflix, and of course the super premium offerings by HBO, Game of Thrones being the zenith.

However, I do wish it was so much better, especially when I reminisce about 24 and how much fun it was.

The wife though loves Kiefer Sutherland and has been up to date with Season 2 and awaiting its return.