A Throwback to Simpler Times

A throwback to simpler times.

We have all been there, wishing we were back in the past when things were so much simpler and easier to live and work with.

Well, it ain’t so. Trouble has always been around the corner, never mind you are 5 or 50.

I remember when The Simpsons came around and were such a big thing. Bart Simpson in particular.

As a kid, my life wasn’t much different compared to Bart Simpson’s.

Always in just as much trouble as young Bart, especially with my father.

Looking back, the good old days were in fact very good (just as things are very good now), however trouble existed in paradise even back then (just as it does now).

Take a look at Bart Simpson singing Deep, Deep Trouble, I’m sure you’ll recognize and even identify with all the big trouble you were in back then.