Blogs, Where Is the Love?

A decade (or 2 ago) blogs were fun. They were informative, entertaining, and even added value. I used to follow a bunch of them, on diverse topics from self-improvement to the latest in technology. Reading them was more than a ritual, it was an exercise in informing myself and even improving myself.

Sadly, all of that seems to be lost to the world, at least to the modern generation growing up on social media.

What killed blogs? Marketers for one. Social media, in particular, Facebook and Twitter.

So where does one go for information? YouTube is still a good choice and thankfully.

Other than that, Twitter seems to be the go-to place. Everybody has everything to say in under 140 or 280 characters, but nothing to add of value.

Anyways, this has started me on a quest to discover blogs that are funny/entertaining, informative, and have something useful to share.

Hopefully, I can find them and then share them on here.

Till then, here are the Black Eyed Peas going Where Is the Love?