A Safer Online World

The world is going to be more secure soon, at least the online world thanks to Google and the Chrome browser who have been pushing for widespread adoption of SSL/HTTPS over HTTP.

In fact, starting sometime in July, all traffic going to HTTP will be labeled as unsafe by Chrome and possibly all of Google.

That basically meant my entire day was spent moving all of my websites over to HTTPS. Easily done in the end, but only once you get the hang of it.

It’s an easier task if you are using managed hosting, just need to set it up in Control Panel or your hosting support will help you out.

Since I wanted to be self-taught in everything and I use my own VPS on the likes of DigitalOcean, I had to actually learn how to set up, configure it, and deploy it.

Like I said, easy enough once you get a handle on it and there are tons of tutorial videos on YouTube that will walk you through it.

And now, UnoAbraham has a shiny new secure green padlock in the browser address bar.