A Simple Favor Is Not So Simple At All

Anna Kendrick is a single parent mommy vlogger who befriends Blake Lively as both of their sons go to the same school and share playdates. Both become good friends and begin to help each other out by picking up and dropping off their kids, till the one time Blake goes missing after asking Anna to pick up her son.

Anna and Blake’s husband (Henry Golding) go to the cops who brush them off under the assumption that Blake is having an affair. Anna, not one to take things lying down, breaks into Blake’s office where she finds a photograph and shares that information on her daily vlog asking for help to find her missing friend.

A call comes from one of the vlog viewers and Blake’s body is discovered, and Anna sets out to find what happened to her best friend. Venturing any further will take me into spoiler territory, so I won’t.

The verdict. A Simple Favor is good and well worth you time. Pretty ladies Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively, good suspense/mystery, and entertaining to the end… what more can one ask for.

Some shades of Diabolique, and they just don’t make these anymore.