Hunter Killer, Decent Action Fare Made Better By An Impressive Audio Track

At the outset this one is a blast for the home theater, there is a constant deep rumble on the subwoofer. It will be a good one for the home theater demo, or to show off for the friends or neighbors, especially for the LFE when it comes out in Atmos.

The premise is simple, a U.S. submarine is torpedoed and so the USA sends in another with Gerard Butler as the captain to investigate and rescue. On parallel we also have a SEAL team sent to Russia on a mission. How both converge to save the day and the Russian President from a coup, and stop World War 3 forms the main story arc.

The underwater battle scenes are a joy mainly in part to the 360 degree sound FX. They also in no small part add to the intensity and the excitement of the action scenes. The navigation sequences through unknown enemy territory are particularly well done.

One does wish there was more action, especially considering the ensemble cast (mostly from TV land). Still an enjoyable fare to pass the popcorn around and for an outing with friends.