Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris, More Serious But Fun Nonetheless

The final in the Gamera trilogy starts on a more serious note, with a mass grave of dead Gameras and showcasing the life of a young girl who has been made an orphan because of the destruction caused by Gamera in the battle with the Legion.

There is a lot more fire and destruction this time around, even from the first fight between Gamera and Gayos. This results in the death of a great many people and predictably the government declares Gamera enemy number one with orders to destroy it.

While this is a darker Gamera, it is a superior Gamera, especially in the visual effects department. While there is less of Gayos, both the new monster Iris and Gamera are done very nicely with CGI.

The trilogy ends, but doesn’t really end as the final shot is of Gamera defiantly squaring off against 1000s of Gayos who are converging on Japan.