The Andromeda Strain, Sci-Fi For The Intellectuals

When it comes to sci-fi I’m more of a Cameron lover - the Terminator series, Aliens, Avatar, The Abyss, etc. in addition to being a huge fan of everything Star Wars and Star Trek. Coming to The Andromeda Strain I didn’t know what to expect as I had no background information going in.

The premise is simple, a spacecraft returns carrying alien DNA and results in the death of everyone in a nearby village except 2 survivors, an infant and an old man. Now the army has to contain and cleanup and also the scientists have to find out what went wrong.

The biggest problem for me, it’s well into an hour before we get any action. Too much time is wasted on the scientists getting to where they need to be. Unless that was intentional and they wanted to show intelligent and talking AI, something we don’t have even today.

Maybe a thinking man’s version of sci-fi, but one I didn’t enjoy very much for the most part, until the 3rd act.

The movie raises the bar as it nears the end with the scientists scrambling to save the facility from self-destruct and to save the world.

The movie finishes strong after a rather slow start, but might be just what you need.