The House That Jack Built Is A Good One

Matt Dillon is terrifying. Very. There is something to be said about a serial killer with engineering chops. Matt Dillon does him very well. Killing comes to him with a calmness and precision that aligns with the architect and engineer that he is.

Well done Matt. Over the many years that I’ve followed him I’d have thought I’ve seen it all. Guess not. Matt can still pull a few new cool tricks out of his goodie bag and this is one fine albeit scary performance from him.

The House That Jack Built is totally worth it for Matt Dillon alone.

Yeah, it is a tad bit too long at 2 hours and 30 minutes, and also way too self indulgent, as if made for themselves and not the audience.

Still despite it’s many flaws I enjoyed it.

The one thing I did not like though was Uma Thurman. Is she in that desperate need of money and having to do a Nicolas Cage? I cannot really begin to understand why someone with roles like Pulp Fiction and the Kill Bill series would ever be caught doing something like this, and the argument of being a part of something great does not fly here. Not really.

I’d rather Nicolas Cage, Bruce Willis, and Uma Thurman all retired.

Other than that The House That Jack Built is recommended, especially if you have 3 hours to kill.