Amazon Is a Silo

Amazon is a silo.

It’s only the 3rd day (actually only a little over 48 hours), and 2 realizations have hit me hard.

Very hard.

The first, Amazon customer service sucks big time. This happened to a Prime customer, who has loaded money into Amazon Pay, and who is subscribed to a lot of items on Amazon, and still cannot get to customer service. I can only imagine how bad things will be for non-Prime customers.

The second, and also the more worrisome realization is that Amazon is a silo. I cannot access their portal or customer service, and that means…

  1. I cannot order any lightning deals.
  2. I cannot order anything or cancel any existing orders.
  3. I lose access to Amazon Prime Video and also to Prime Music, so that’s no more music or entertainment.
  4. I have 6+ Amazon Echo devices that are connected to the lights, fans, AC, heating system, etc. and all of it can stop working without a moment’s notice. As of now, I have only lost access to the website and my account and Amazon Prime audio and video services. But if I do lose access to Alexa and the home automation it is tied into, I’m pretty much going to be sitting in the dark, as the devices don’t work off the grid.

The solution though isn’t exactly an easy path to walk. One option is to go back to the dark ages and do without home automation. The other option (and the path I plan to take) is to reduce the reliance on one single silo. I do have Google Home, and the wake-up call is to integrate it more into my home automation, entertainment systems, and also the general running of the home. I will also probably have a look at Microsoft Cortana down the line and have that available too as a backup.

My business too will no longer be going to a single silo. I will start visiting the local grocery store and get into the habit of buying 30% to 40% of my groceries from them. I will leave 30% of my existing shopping with Amazon, as I still have Prime subscriptions to run through. More importantly, I will look to add more online portals for shopping, for everything from groceries, snacks, knickknacks, etc.

The takeaway here is to not be tied into a single silo. If it goes down, or you lose access for any reason, you pretty much go down too.

Amazon  Silo