Don't Play with the Cancel Button

Cancel really means cancel.

I was playing with an old G Suite account and trying to add a new domain to it. Searching on Google led me to believe that it is easily done by starting a trial, changing the primary domain, and then canceling the trial.

Said instructions did not work, all I did was start the trial on a legacy G Suite account that was set up to be free for life.

Since I couldn’t get what I wanted, which was to change the primary domain, and I did not want to pay for something that was already mine (and free for life), I went ahead and canceled the trial.

That went ahead and canceled the trial and also my legacy G Suite account. Yeah, no more free G Suite account for that domain.

Cancer really means cancel… whoever thought of that?

Ah, small mercies I guess. That was not a domain I was using anyway and did not have any plans to use. Also, more importantly, I’m still mighty glad I have the legacy G Suite setup for several of the domains I am using and free for life.

Anyways, the takeaway here is don’t go around playing with stuff you have no idea about, especially when it comes to the mighty G.

And more importantly, if you click on cancel when it comes to anything Google, it really does just that.