A Quiet Place Is A Good Place To Be

Wow a super awesome horror thriller after a long time makes A Quiet Place a really good place to be. The last movie that was both a high and got the scares going was 2016’s Don’t Breathe.

A Quiet Place starts and ends with a family in a world overtaken by monsters where sound is your enemy. Make a sound and the monsters will find you and kill you… stay silent, it’s that simple.

However, not so easily done.

Emily Blunt and John Krasinski are super performers always and don’t disappoint here. They convey the fear and the horror of living in a world filled with monsters with aplomb, especially Krasinski in an understated and subdued performance. Even the child actors rise to the occasion.

There really are no special effects or monsters galore, even more impressive when you take into consideration the movie was made at a budget of $20 million.

A Quiet Place is an “atmospheric” thriller that conveys the fear and the thrills by the performances of the leads and not CGI.

I will not go too much into spoiler territory, but do understand the movie is about a family trying to survive in a world overrun by monstrous beasts that kill anything that makes a sound. A very simple premise, but something that works very well because of the superlative performances by the cast and the construct of a family living in fear and trying to survive in a quiet world.

I had lots of fun, and do highly recommend it as a must watch.