The Meg Is A Giant Shark Movie Without The Scares

Remember Jaws? It will scare you even today. The Meg however is big screen Hollywood entertainment that’s good, but without the thrills and the scares you’d expect from a monster movie about a giant shark.

Thankfully, there’s Jason Statham, and the cute Shuya Sophia Cai to save the day. Li Bingbing is there purely for the romance, and Rainn Wilson, Ruby Rose, and Robert Taylor are all wasted, but hey there’s a giant Megalodon (a really big shark) that will keep you entertained.

To me the real struggle was watching Jason Statham in a non-Jason Statham movie. No kung fu, no fistfights, and no beating the bad guys to a pulp… remember Redemption?

And also for a giant shark monster movie, it really is low in the scares department.

Other than that The Meg will entertain you. It gets into stride from the very beginning and from there on the action is a non-stop joyride with our heroes plotting the demise of The Meg (till a sequel comes calling).

The result is a good mix of thrills on the big screen with lots of popcorn and soda that will keep the family entertained.

Just don’t expect the usual Jason Statham, and you’ll do fine.