Tomb Raider Makes For A Very Weak And Ineffectual Lara Croft

The latest Tomb Raider movie is more of a miss than a hit. The biggest drawback is going in the movie has a weak lead in Alicia Vikander with the characterization/depiction of Lara Croft as weak and ineffectual.

Sadly, the movie doesn’t stop there, even Richard Croft has been made into a weakling who has lost his mind. A departure from the game series and not a good one at that.

Alicia Vikander struggles for the major part of the movie and is constantly at the receiving end of blows from just about everybody. She displays none of the athleticism from the games franchise and even more sadly not even an iota of the intelligence the character possesses/displays in the games.

The movie to sum up is a wishy washy run through of an excuse of a plot to find the tomb of a Japanese queen who was a witch with superpowers to end the world.

Yup, enough said.

The result, not surprisingly, is a bad hotchpotch of a movie better left alone.