Mission: Impossible – Fallout, Tom Cruise Is the Storm

The latest iteration in the Mission: Impossible franchise, Fallout is a blast. It is one non-stop action joyride that one wishes wouldn’t ever end. At an age when most folks are busy being grandparents, Tom Cruise continues to push the envelope when it comes to action. Just like Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol and Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation, Mission: Impossible - Fallout raises the bar for the action genre all over again. Even more surprising as Tom Cruise doesn’t come to mind when one thinks action hero.

The story is more of the same, and just a silly excuse for Tom Cruise and his crew to punch, crash, and burn through a whole lot of action footage.

Tom Cruise plays Ethan Hunt, who is out to save the world yet again with the help of his good mates Ving Rhames, Simon Pegg, and Rebecca Ferguson. Michelle Monaghan makes a cameo appearance, and Alec Baldwin and Angela Bassett round out the good guys.

Sean Harris is back as the bad guy and ably supported by Henry Cavill, Vanessa Kirby, and a plethora of muscled goons.

However, Mission: Impossible - Fallout is all about Tom Cruise and the action, one that never lets up, and continues to raise the bar in edge of the seat excitement. And oh yes, Simon Pegg continues to deliver on the comedy, some truly hilarious moments and laughs abound.

Highly recommended, and if you are new to the franchise or simply need to catch up on the franchise, set aside a couple of days and watch the first 5 movies before making a date with Fallout.

The only con I can think of when it comes to the Mission Impossible franchise is that they have never had a truly terrifying and/or menacing villain apart from Philip Seymour Hoffman. That still continues to be the case even in Fallout. Other than that, loads of fun, and a movie that I intend to enjoy for multiple viewings on a Dolby Atmos setup at home.