Scandal Is a Wrap, Ends on a High Note

Back when I started the final season of Season, I had pretty much assumed that it would be one continuous binge watch as the final season started off on a high with a very ominous Olivia Pope.

However, life happens and something always comes up and so I got very busy with learning Git and Hugo, and spent a very hectic couple of weeks learning Hugo and moving my websites from WordPress to Hugo. After that something else came up, until I finally reached the place where I wanted a break and some peace and quiet catching up on movies, music, and TV.

The good thing with Scandal is that you can jump right in and not feel out of sorts. Once I jumped right back in, I was quickly made aware of the fact that Shonda Rhimes is pretty much the Queen of prime-time TV, especially when it comes to drama.

Scandal has never pulled any punches and has always been very high on drama and entertainment, and the final season is no exception. It continues to entertain, but without really letting the viewers settle in even for a moment, something Shonda has mastered, as evidenced by all of her shows on TV.

The result is exhilarating entertainment that keeps you hooked and binge watching until the very end. Scandal ends on a high note, and leaves you feeling good, an excellent finish for a drama that kept me hooked right throughout its 7 season run.

Well done Shonda, take a bow.