Designated Survivor Season 2/Series Wrap Up

I have been somewhat of a reluctant watcher of Designated Survivor, and only because I’m a huge fan of Kiefer Sutherland and the Jack Bauer persona from 24.

But I will be honest, Designated Survivor never clicked with me, not even from the first episode of the series, which was lackluster IMHO. And this despite having several recognizable names like Adan Canto, Kal Penn, Maggie Q, and Natascha McElhone as regular/supporting cast members.

Designated Survivor, if anything has been extremely predictable right from the very beginning. I was even hedging a bet with my wife that Natascha McElhone wouldn’t survive for long, and that is exactly what happened in the middle of season 2.

I guess the real struggle was watching a very restrained performance from Kiefer Sutherland, who is nothing like the Jack Bauer we have all come to love.

The action, if any, was limited to Maggie Q, and for the most part the suspense and mystery were always missing. The why was never explained, or if it was then it never made much sense to me.

Anyways, it comes as no surprise to me that Designated Survivor has been cancelled. Here’s to hoping that Kiefer Sutherland will return to TV with something more along the lines of Jack Bauer.

Yup, a huge 24 fan, and I highly recommend it for binge watching, again and again.