Networking, Plex, and Gladys Knight

The week was spent mostly in shopping for a smart refrigerator and a 4K OLED TV, so I did not get much time for blogging. Usually I will do my research on the Internet before deciding on the purchase, but this time we decided to have a shopping mall experience and decide based on what we saw and liked.

Anyways, despite the lack of time, I did manage to spend most of my time away from the shopping in getting into networking with the goal of upgrading my network to a complete gigabit network that is also 10GbE ready.

I am somewhat of a collector, and don’t let go of anything with a gigabit port. So I have “collected” servers running all over the place with OpenMediaVault, FreeNAS, unRAID, etc. Also, there is a new Synology DS418 on the way, a purchase that comes with some trade-offs, and necessitates the purchase of additional hardware for on-the-fly H.265 4K video transcoding. I would like to go with a new Plex Media Server build that will accomplish all of the above, but I’m also mulling the Synology DS218+ just for Plex transcoding.

However, sanity tells me that I should simply go with the Nvidia Shield and be done with it. At $200, the Nvidia Shield is unbeatable as a Plex server and a media player/streamer. Or maybe it’s finally time to upgrade to a PS4.

Decisions and more decisions.

And yes, also on the agenda is to have a play with pfSense and a managed switch or I could simply go with the Synology Router RT2600ac seeing how much I love Synology products, especially their OS.

How did Gladys Knight get in here you ask? Ah yes, Gladys Knight is the new artist for the week (June 16 to June 22, 2018) for our “Listening” sessions.

Have a good one on me folks.