Improving My Photography Skills

I am more of a smartphone photographer (have always been) and this does not mean that I have any plans of going the route of DSLRs. The couple of DSLRs that I have used were mostly in the “auto” settings mode, until I completely stopped carrying them because of the bulk.

I do realize though that I need to progress beyond shooting food in macro mode or full screen mode and hoping for the best. With my penchant for DIY learning with actual hands-on experience I started a photography blog (Abraham's Photoblog) that will host all of my photographs, good and bad. And what better way to get better at the craft than to have a timeline view to judge yourself.

So with the decision made, most of my weekend was spent watching YouTube videos on photography tips, improving your photography skills, etc. Mostly the videos were incessant ramblings or only serving as entrees to the main course, but I did run into 3 videos that had good and actionable information.

Watching and acting on the information should improve just about everybody’s photography skills.