Culling Domains

I have a thing for domains, been collecting them over the years. I had over 80 of them at the beginning of this year in January.

I also have a thing for name domains, especially the “Abraham” part of my name. I have been collecting Abraham.XXX TLDs too for a while now, and had over 20 of them. The grand plan was to have a separate identity/blog pertaining to each area of my life - like travel, photography, business, portfolio, blog, social, microblog, etc.

The only problem though was actually putting them to good use. After owning Abraham.Life for over 4 years, and not doing anything with it, I had to break it to myself that nothing was ever going to get done with ‘em domain names.

It was a hard pill to swallow, but something I did. And so I began to let go and cull my domain collection from the beginning of this year starting in January.

The hardest part of letting go was discovering that you are letting go of a part of yourself. You get attached to the domains you own and collect, especially namesake domains.

I cut down my domain collection from over 80 domains to less than 15, and then with some more effort got them down to less than 10. That’s still wasn’t enough though, because I knew I wouldn’t be able to handle more than 5. There really wasn’t any point in having more than 5 domains if I wasn’t going to have the time and the energy to create content and keep them updated regularly. They had to go if there was no blog or website on them, or if they hadn’t been updated in over 6 months.

A really hard choice, but I’m proud to say I finally did it. Yesterday, I got my domain list down to 5. By that I mean I made the decision about the 5 domains I would keep, and the rest that I was not going to renew.

Now that I have finally done it and reached my intended goal of having only 5 domains, I can look back and see the experience has been very cathartic. Letting go is always hard, but even better when you actually do it.

An interesting observation, among the 5 domains that I have decided to keep are a .am, .red, .one,. .in, and a .blog in terms of the domain extensions. Not a single .com, .net, or .org, and very surprising to see how the online world has progressed over the years.

PS: It’s not that I’m not gonna buy another domain ever. I will certainly be adding them for the kids as well as teaching them how to own their online identities and content, but personally I don’t see myself using or needing more than 5 unless it’s for a new business venture.

My final thoughts on seeing them go, hopefully they are put to good use.