Blindspot Season 3 Finale, Old Wine Is New Wine

I have been a regular watcher of Blindspot since the very first episode, tuned in for Sullivan Stapleton, but stayed on for Jamie Alexander.

The series though has been more of a miss than a hit, but does continue to have its moments thanks to its tattoo-puzzles-mystery storyline, kind of a whodunnit that gets solved by deciphering tattoos. Personally though I found a new series like Deception to have a lot more mystery than Blindspot.

I finally got around to finishing off season 3, and expectedly there was a big twist at the very end. Nothing new in that, but this twist kind of takes Blindspot back to the very beginning of the show. Not what I expected, and more like old wine in new bottle, if anything indicative of lazy writing or the storytellers running out of ideas. That and “Zapata did what” pretty much sum up the finale.

I’m probably not going to stop watching it, but I do wish they went forwards with the storyline and not backwards.