Blog Transition To Hugo

I am in the middle of transitioning this blog from WordPress to Hugo. I will do a more lengthy write-up about the why, as this is still a work in progress, and more importantly I’m still learning the ropes about static site generators, GitHub, and even the command line.

Yup, that’s me! Always been a GUI and WYSIWYG person, and so all of this is alien to me, not to mention hard work. But it is also at the same time very exciting, and personally I’m always looking forward to learning new things, so this was an opportunity hard to pass up on. But be warned, there are parts of this website not fully functional yet.

For years (more specifically since 2004) I have been a WordPress user, and it has been a CMS that I have been completely sold on. I have built and run several businesses on it, invested heavily in it, and have a plethora of premium themes and plug-ins that I have purchased over the years.

However, my new form of blogging a.k.a. microblogging isn’t a business and doesn’t need the heavy artillery of a WordPress CMS going into it. Also, since returning to blogging from January of this year (2018, if you’re reading this later), while I have been using WordPress for a number of my sites and blogs, I have also been extremely cognizant of the fact that as a CMS it is an overkill. I have often thought that I am bringing a bazooka when all I need is a toothpick. Finally, after upgrading my 8th blog for the Nth time I’d had enough and wanted something that was more hands off in terms of maintenance and upkeep.

I did some googling, discovered the world of static site generators, and here we are.

Now I am running Abraham’s Microblog on Hugo, and I’m also moving my other blogs over to either Hugo or exploring other static site generators like Jekyll, Hexo, etc. The only problem is the availability of choice, I believe there are over a 100 static site generators available and counting.

Do note however that it’s not a walk in the park, and most static site generators will require some coding chops, and the more complex parts will need you to be a web developer. If you get stuck (and you will), you will be on your own or you will have to pony up to hire a developer.

But if you have the coding chops, you will certainly enjoy the next level of challenge.